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We are building this page and it will be shared on Internet. Until them we offer some sharing links.

If you have any ideas on how to make this world and the life of other people better you can contact us and help to build this page. Start sharing leaving your comments in the Comment box.

Klite Media Player

By Budiluhur

i use this software to play any kind of this software are included flv player, flash player, dvd player, mp3 player, wma and many more.. click here to download klitemegacodec vidio


PTC Autoclicker

By Budiluhur

Hi all PTC er ...., here it is , i give you some of my tools that i use to click my ptc. it's easy to use... just open the program and then it will Automaticly click your ads...

3. DailyClicks


CCNA Module

By Budiluhur


By Budiluhur

Share my favorite music :
life house
1. hangin by a moment


Mozilla Firefox

By Budiluhur

Link download to mozilla Firefox


Unpublished xp wallpaper : > xpwallpaper


Macromedia Captivate

By Budiluhur

Macromedia Captivate is used to create tutorial vidio etc..

Click here